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  Family Lifestyle Photography — A fun, candid, and relaxed approach to family photography

Milk mustaches, silly faces, play time with favorite toys, unique family routines, and many more moments like these are what we want to tuck away and remember forever as parents.

I am a Boston-based photographer specializing in candid and lifestyle family photography. My style is very clean, modern, and fun. I love capturing kids and families in a natural and memorable way. My sessions have a casual and low-key vibe. With little direction, I photograph a mix of candids and minimally posed portraits. I give you starting points, follow your lead, and let the session evolve naturally. The idea is to take beautiful pictures without treating it like a “photo shoot” and putting unnecessary pressure on the kids (and adults!) to smile or pose.

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, my sessions can be customized based on your preferences. It doesn’t have to be a big production or anything fancy. It could take place at your home or simply be incorporated into your morning routine. It may be in your backyard or a nearby park, on a trip to the museum or even at your favorite cafe. Anything that you want documented, and highlights your family’s personality.

My family’s favorite weekend routine (when possible) is walking to the nearest cafe for a low-key breakfast. Croissants for the kids and coffee for the adults, we love to have a relaxing morning and watch the girls play outside in the Boston Public Garden afterwards. We might move to the suburbs one day, but for now we’re soaking up all that the city has to offer. Whether it’s pushing baby strollers, running around the Boston Common, or staying home and simply shaking our sillies out, I love documenting these moments. They portray the essence of my family and help to preserve our beautifully messy memories.


Type of inquiries I get:

1) “We are looking for just as you described – nothing formally posed, just a session to capture our sweet, inquisitive little boy’s personality and our little everyday family life together. For example, I really fell in love with your style of capturing the special everyday moments in the birthday party shoot on your blog. Ideally we would find a couple snaps that would work in a holiday card, but more casual than the cheesy kind 🙂 Also, it’s rare that we get photos of the three of us because my husband or I am always behind the camera, so some of the three of us will be a success. How does that sound?”


2) “We have been living in Boston for the past 6 months and returning to our home town at the end of the month. We want to have some family photos taken in the city to remember our time here. Preferably with brownstones or urban setting.”

modern boston family photographer

3) “I’m envisioning mostly candids. We don’t have a lot of pictures of all of us, and what I’m hoping for is to capture some of the essence of how we all interact; I love that word documentary-style in this context.  I’d like pictures that include most of us most of the time, as opposed to just of the kids individually (though a few of those are good too of course).  By the way, we moved in the summer and love our new home”

documentary family photography boston

4) “We live really close to Thomas Park so I figured we could do some shots in our house/deck and then outside/park as well. I’ve learned through my daughter’s short life-time that she doesn’t do well with a really staged photography session and will basically not smile and just look at you like you’re attacking her family – so I think your approach will work very well.”

candid family photography boston

5) “I was thinking our home and we can always go outside to the backyard. As far as what I’m looking to get, I would love just candid shots of the kids playing together and how they are on a day to day basis. Most photographers I use do formal portraits or use props/scenes. I would just like something low key for this one. I like your ideas of getting individual pictures of the kids as well as ones of them all together. I’m sure you know how hard it is to get pictures of the kids together but I find it almost impossible to get 3 together.

sibling photos boston